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Specializing in Yacht & Sailboat design

Combining the functionality of life at sea with the practicality of life on land

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Excellence at Sea

At Mobili Mare, we specialize in providing high quality, customized solutions for your environment, including creating furniture specially designed for boats. Our experienced and qualified team is ready to meet your needs and expectations, ensuring that every detail of your maritime space is carefully planned and executed.


We understand the importance of bespoke furniture for vessels, taking into account the need for space optimization, resistance to the elements and, of course, style and elegance. Based on your preferences and requirements, our designers will create exclusive pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that each piece of furniture is perfectly adapted to its nautical environment.


Every detail matters



In addition, our dedication to excellence extends to the materials and finishes we use. We work with trusted suppliers and carefully select the best durable and water resistant materials, ensuring the longevity and quality of your boat furniture.

At Mobili Mare, we value your satisfaction and are committed to delivering exceptional furniture that meets your unique needs. Let us transform your vessel into an elegant, functional and comfortable space, where every detail is carefully considered. Count on us to create custom furniture that adds value and provides a memorable experience in your maritime life.


Our Process




& Transparency

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